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Arts Ambassadors


 Meet our Year 5 Arts' Ambassadors!  These pupils champion the visual and performing arts at Sydenham.  

The SPLAT! Children's Arts' Festival - Saturday July 13th 2019, 11.00am - 4.00pm

The SPLAT! Children’s Arts’ Festival is an exciting collaboration between Sydenham Primary School, Warwick Arts’ Centre and two other local primary schools aimed at providing pupils with the opportunity to experience, create and share high quality theatre, dance and visual arts.

Premiered two years ago and held in Jephson Gardens, the Splat! Festival is a bi-annual event organised by our pupil “Arts’ Ambasadors” who work in conjunction with staff from The Creative Learning Team at Warwick Arts Centre.  The festival features the work of professional artists alongside that of the children.  Based on the principles of “see, make, share,” in the run up to the festival pupils visit national venues to experience theatre, dance and visual arts.  Using this as a stimulus, they then collaborate with professional artists back in school to create their own works of art which are shared at the festival.

The SPLAT! Festival is a free, outdoor, community event which attracted more than 3,000 visitors when it last happened in 2017.  All aspects of the festival – programming, marketing and fundraising -are coordinated by The Arts’ Ambassadors who put skills such as communication, negotiation and budgeting in to practice.  By performing at the festival, children also experience raised levels of confidence and self-esteem as well as developing soft skills such as self-discipline and team working.

Kate Sayer, Head of Creative learning at Warwick Arts’ Centre described the festival as follows: “The SPLAT! Festival is a huge success thanks mainly to the dedication, enthusiasm and creativity of the young people who come together to make it happen.  They work so very hard to create a festival that children will love.” 

Mair Evans, Arts Development Officer at Warwick District Council added: “The SPLAT! Festival is packed with arts, culture, entertainment and people.  The children learn so much from the professionals they work with.”

For more information visit: 

Link to the SPLAT! Website:  http://www.splatartsfestival.co.uk/

SPLAT! Toutube video:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzoUoFd35hA