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UNICEF Rights Ambassadors

Rights Links: Article 12 – Respect for the Views of the Child; Article 15 – Freedom of Association; Article 29 – Goals of Education; Article 31 Leisure, Play and Culture



The UNICEF Rights Respecting Ambassadors are children in our school who have developed a strong sense of social justice and knowledge of local and global issues from a rights perspective. They have become ambassadors for rights, locally and globally.

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors work with other pupils, staff, governors and external agencies to help us on our journey to achieving the UNICEF Rights Respecting School Awards.  Their understanding of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has given them a powerful language to use to express themselves and to challenge the way they, and others, are treated. The Rights Respecting Ambassadors are empowered to access information that enables them to make informed decisions about their learning, health and wellbeing.

To date, the Rights Respecting Ambassadors have supported our school in achieving the Bronze Rights Committed Award, the Silver Rights Aware Award, and are writing an action plan for the Gold Rights Resecting Award.


Recent Roles of Responsibility: Article 31 Leisure, Play and Culture

Our UNICEF Rights Ambassadors have worked in partnership with our Learning Detectives and school senior leaders to monitor pupils' behaviour and attitudes to learning. The Ambassadors shared the view that 'wet playtime' behaviour would be even better if the Key Stage 2 classes had their own games and construction resources based in each classroom. They were given a budget, and took responsibility for ordering these and talking to their peers in assembly about them.