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Modern Foreign Language

Subject Leader: Lisa Cox

At Sydenham, it is our intention that all children gain a love of language learning. We believe that learning a language in school helps children to broaden their understanding of the world and helps support their learning of the areas of respect and tolerance in the British Values.

Children in Key Stage 2 learn Spanish in Modern Foreign Language lessons. We hope that by learning Spanish in school this will give children the confidence and motivation to continue their language learning in secondary school and beyond. At primary, where pupils start as novices, the languages curriculum builds on knowledge in three key areas: phonics, vocabulary and grammar.

Teachers build children’s knowledge a step at a time by following a commercially produced scheme of work, called ‘Learn Spanish with Luis y Sofia’. This is a story based approach to teaching Spanish and supports children in reading, writing, speaking and listening. It teaches key vocabulary and nurtures a love of the language and culture. There are regular assessments as part of the scheme which keeps track of the children's learning.

Children are given opportunities to practice what they have learnt and become secure in important vocabulary before moving onto new learning. Teaching enables children to express their ideas and thoughts in Spanish, and to understand and respond in speech and in writing. Teachers also plan immersive activities to help children to understand the culture and lifestyle in Spain and to broaden their understanding of the language.  Pupils have opportunities to read high-quality texts in Spanish with our range of dual language picture books. Consequently, children have an insight to another culture; their curiosity is fostered; and they are deepening their understanding of the world.  

MFL (Spanish) Progression in Knowledge and Skills