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Residential Year 3

What is The Big Sleepover?

Children in Years 3 and 2 have the chance to take part in the ‘Big Sleepover’ bi-annually. This residential trip is an exciting learning opportunity for both children and teachers, and we love getting to know the children better in a more ‘pastoral’ role. For some of our pupils, this may be the first time they have stayed away from home, and is a great way to build their confidence and independence in a safe and familiar setting, with known and trusted adults. 

What do the children do on The Big Sleepover?

Children participate in their usual lessons throughout the day on Day 1, and wear their school uniform, as normal. After breakfast on Day 2, children resume their usual learning timetables in their classrooms.

3.20pm: Meet in main school hall with belongings & register

3.30~3.45: pm Make sleeping arrangements in the tents and change clothing, ready for fun activities.

3.45~4.00pm:  Drinks and healthy snacks

4.00~5.30pm:  Activities (Shelter/Den Building; Treasure Hunt; Orienteering; Team Building)

5.30~6.30pm: Cowboys’ Tea (bangers, beans, buns and spuds!) and play time

6.30~7.00pm:  Songs around the camp fire

7.00~7.30pm:  Bedtime story and hot chocolate in the school Small Hall

8.00pm: Teeth, Pyjamas and Bed!

8.30pm: All children sleeping soundly until 7am!!!!

What do the children eat?

We will ensure that all children are well fed and meet any special dietary requirements

3.30pm Drinks and healthy snacks

5.30pm Tea: meat / vegetarian sausages and burgers; jacket potatoes; baked beans; juice

7.00pm Hot chocolate; marshmallows toasted on the camp fire

7.30am Breakfast: cereal; toast; fruit and juice

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Girls and boys sleep in separate tents on roll mats and in sleeping bags. Adults sleep in the tents with the children to ensure they feel safe and well looked-after.

What does my child need to bring?

  • sleeping bag
  • roll-up mat
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • face cloth / soap
  • small hand towel
  • pyjamas
  • teddy
  • torch (not essential)
  • camera (not essential)
  • change of clothes for the evening (warm, comfortable clothing for outdoor activities)
  • hair brush
  • warm jumper / fleece
  • trainers / school pumps
  • warm sock
  • willies  and waterproof jacket (in the case of rain)

What happens if it rains?

In the case of rain, we still do some activities outdoors (there's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing!), but eat indoors so that we don’t get wet and miserable!

What happens if my child gets upset at night-time?

Staff will always try to ensure that children feel happy and safe, and enjoy their residential experience. In the first instance, staff would reassure and comfort any child who became upset. Teachers will contact parents and carers if they have any concerns regarding the physical or emotional well-being of children, so please be available in the case of an emergency.